Stony Hollow Landfill provides safe and convenient disposal services for communities, businesses and industries serving Montgomery County and surrounding areas.

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The landfill was developed and is owned by Waste Management, a company with extensive experience in handling solid waste and recycling materials. Stony Hollow Landfill is engineered with environmental protection systems that meet or exceed rigorous government regulations and are subject to highly regulated monitoring and reporting requirements. Systems include engineered liners and covers, wastewater collection and removal, and landfill gas collection and control. Hazardous materials are not accepted at the landfill.

Site Improvement & Action Steps

We are continuing work on containing and controlling additional gas and liquid being created by elevated temperatures within the landfill. Elevated temperature odors are extremely rare in the landfill industry and have never occurred at Stony Hollow in the past.

To address this unusual situation as quickly as possible, Waste Management has engaged outside engineering resources at major universities and private consulting firms to aid in designing and installing engineered solutions to control off site odors and eliminate the conditions that produce them.


In Progress

Going Forward

Waste Management is investing substantial resources, expertise and time into controlling and containing odors. We are continuing to work closely with the Ohio EPA and other regulators and multiple consultants and contractors in every phase of this project. Our 2016 construction plans include:

We are confident these steps will help address the odor issues, and we will continue work with the community, its leaders and local and state regulators until these issues are resolved.

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Report any odor concerns by completing our online form, or calling the odor alert line at (937) 356-6203.

We will be meeting regularly with local leaders and community organizations to keep everyone informed of our progress.

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This community and our neighbors are important to us and we take odor issues very seriously. We are working to address any landfill odor issues as quickly as we can.

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